Ask a Librarian

Welcome to R&D's historic research library! This library is comprised of five collections:

HAWAIIANA REFERENCE: These are classic works of Hawaiian history, culture, and 'ike. Enrich your understanding of our special place in the world.

PLACE-BASED: These items pertain to specific locations on Hawai'i Island, and therefore are arranged geographically by district.

ARCHIVAL: These are historical records of the County of Hawai'i, such as budgets and departmental reports, from the 1950s to the present.

MAGAZINE: This small collection provides an interesting lens through which to view development on Hawai'i Island.

EPHEMERA: Perhaps the most entertaining and bizarre collection, these pamphlets and other small items are quite amusing.

Please make a request if you wish to view items in the collection. All items are in-library use only. The library is located at the Hawaii County building, Department of Research and Development: Room 1301, 25 Aupuni St., Hilo, Hawaii.